About Us

We are a small based custom furniture manufacturer in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa. We officially began our journey as The Cabinetmaker in 2013. Since then we have expanded both our workforce as well as premises. Daniel, co-owner, has grown up, being taught the trade from a young age, by his father, whose father too, was skilled in this trade. So needless to say, it runs in the genes and he is absolutely passionate about his craft. Daniel has been in this trade professionally for 8 years. That is a whole lot of experience! In 2013 we, myself Candice and Daniel, decided to develop the business into something more structured and suitable to the community and market. Some amazing items and projects have left our workshop. (click here to view them)

Our aim is to create an item that will match the exact look your are trying to achieve. We strive to create an item of furniture that meets (but hopefully exceeds!) your expectations. We take great pride in our work and will do what needs to be done in order to achieve the desired look and make you happy. We want to create a piece, for you that will stay in your family or business for years to come, so it is with this view in mind we create and pride ourselves.

We are not scared to venture into new and exciting projects with different techniques, textures and finishes.

What we do?

We build custom furniture. What does that mean? Well basically, to put it short and sweet, we craft and handmake beautifully custom pieces of furniture. How does it work? The client comes to us with their idea (preferably in picture format), and we take it from there. We will discuss the idea, the best possible designs and techniques, and also the most cost effective way of achieving the look you want.

Here is a short step by step guide so you can know how the process usually works.

  1. You come to us with your idea.
  2. We discuss your idea (with regards to design, construction, finishes)
  3. You receive our quote and timeline so you can know how long it will take to deliver your custom piece.
  4. You accept the quote and we can begin our magic.
  5. Manufacturing BEGINS!! – A six week waiting period is usually given, but in most cases the item/s are produced sooner than six weeks… we just like to play it safe!
  6. The item goes off to finishing department– staining, spraying or painting. Please know that you might be contacted with regards to finishing (e.g. handles, techniques colouring and so forth)… just so we can ensure you are happy with the way the project is developing.
  7. The item/s are completed and you finally receive THAT phone call from us that you have been patiently waiting in anticipation for.
  8. Item is either delivered or collected, depending where you are situated or what has been arranged and final payment is made.